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Leatherman Expanse

Leatherman Expanse

Leatherman Multitools

Leatherman Multitools have become famous all over. This is because they are not only high utility tools but are also very efficient and easy to use. The remarkable style and look of a Leatherman has won a lot of appreciation.

Leatherman tools are available in a lot of designs, styles and categories and one thing that remains common to all them is the twenty five year warranty. Yes, the Leatherman tools come with a warranty of whopping 25 years. Chances are that they will not even be spoilt after twenty five years and moreover once you have brought a Leatherman tool, you will inevitably get another almost every year or alternate year. One can hardly resist the charm of possessing an entire collection of these superb and extra efficient tools.

One of the many things that make Leatherman multi-tools famous is the sheer ease of operability. The tools are very easy to use and at the same time very safe. The knives are no wonder sharp, but the safety measures taken by the engineers while building the tools and the safety measures taken by the users by using these can avert any potential harm. Moreover, it goes without saying that these tools are meant to be kept out of the reach of the children.

These tools come in a variety of sizes according to the needs and requirements of a particular task. Some of these are very compact and can readily slip inside pocket and can be carried almost everywhere with virtually no effort. Some Leatherman tools can function as keychain for important keys such as car keys, home keys, office keys etc. These tools are available in full size as well and are meant for professionals who use these tools in their day to day work schedules.

The major range or styles of Leatherman products are Squirt, Expanse, Style, Wave etc. These tools have a number of tools attached to them so as to facilitate many activities and chores one undertakes while camping, trekking, travelling or doing any other outdoor activity. These are one of their kinds and for the first time people got to use a unique combination of Scout knives and pliers within the same tool. After the experimental design was successful implemented, a series were improvisations were made and today the best Leatherman multitool, Leatherman Wave has as many as 13 tools attached. It includes knife, nail clipper/filer, pruner, pliers, screwdriver and many other tools. It is a great multipurpose tool and its blades can be used two at a time also. The locking mechanism ensures that the two blades can be used together without any problem. It is like one blade can be held open in a locked position and similarly another can also be used this way.

If you are interested in gardening then Leatherman hybrid pruners are the ones you must possess. These 11 in pruners are great tool for gardening.

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Leatherman 861311 Knife Expanse E55 Straight Blade


Leatherman 861321 Knife Expanse E55x Combo


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Leatherman 8614140 Expanse E55B Folding Knife


Leatherman 8612244 Expanse E33BX Folding Knife Bit Kit


Leatherman 8612144 Expanse E33B Folding Knife


Leatherman 8612240 Expanse E33BX Folding Knife


Leatherman 8614244 Expanse E55BX Folding Knife Bit Kit


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Leatherman 8610240 Expanse E33LX Folding Knife


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NEW Leatherman 8612140 Expanse(r) E33b Folding Knife


Leatherman Expanse E33BX LM81705


Leatherman e33B Expanse Plain Edge w/Bit Driver 8612140


Leatherman 861221 Knife, Expanse, E33bx, Combo


Leatherman 861421 KNIFE, EXPANSE, E55BX, COMBO #861421


LEATHERMAN 8613240 EXPANSE E55x Combo blade


Leatherman Expanse e33L/e33Lx Folding Knife


Leatherman Expanse e33T/e33Tx Workhorse Folding Knife


LEATHERMAN E33L Expanse Folder Locking Liner new USA


Leatherman Expanse E33TX Serrated Pocket Knife tool


Leatherman Expanse E33T Pocket Knife Tool


Leatherman 861321 Knife, Expanse, E55x, Combo


Leatherman 8611140 Knife, Expanse, E33t, Straight Blade


Leatherman 934915 Leather Sheath for Crater Expanse NEW




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Leatherman 861111 Knife Expanse E33t Straight Blade


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Leatherman 8612140 Expanse E33B Folding Knife New!


Leatherman 8610140 Expanse E33L Folding Knife Stainless


Leatherman Expanse E55BX LM99390


Leatherman Expanse E55BX LM97353


Leatherman Expanse e55bx LRG folding knife combo edge


Leatherman Expanse E33BX LM80847




Leatherman Expanse E55B LM92636


Leatherman Expanse E55B LM92096


Leatherman Expanse E33TX LM67744


Leatherman Knives Expanse E33L Pocket Knife New 57961


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Leatherman Knives Expanse E33B New Pocket Knife 73702


Leatherman Knives Expanse E33BX Pocket Knife New 80847


Leatherman Knives Expanse E33BX Knife W/ Bits New 81705


Leatherman Knives Expanse E55 Pocket Knife New 86589


Leatherman Knives Expanse E55X Pocket Knife New 87077


Leatherman Knives Expanse E55B Pocket Knife W/Bit 92096


Leatherman Knives Expanse E55B Pocket Knife New 92636


Leatherman Knives Expanse E55BX Pocket Knife New 97353


Leatherman 8610140 Knife, Expanse, E33l, Straight Blade


Leatherman Expanse E33B LM72970


Leatherman Knife, Expanse E33T Straight Blade


New Leatherman 8612140 Expanse E33b Folding Knife 154cm Stainless Steel Drop Point Knife


Bit driver with bit storage in the handle. Bottle opener/carabiner clip. Includes Phillips & slotted bits….

Leatherman Expanse e33L Straight Blade Knife


Increase your edge retention by almost three times over regular stainless steel with the 154CM stainless steel blade of the Leatherman Expanse e33L/e33Lx folding knife. A stainless steel reinforced handle gives this knife a slim, sleek profile at only three ounces….

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Leatherman Expanse E33B Drop-Point Straight Edge Blade Pocket Knife – Leatherman 861214


Leatherman Expanse E33B Drop-Point Straight Edge Blade Pocket Knife….

Leatherman Expanse E55BX Combo Straight/Serrated Edge Black Handle Knife and Bit Kit – Leatherman 861424


Leatherman Expanse E55BX Combo Straight/Serrated Edge Black Handle Knife and Bit Kit – Leatherman 861424….

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